What is Macro Scheduler?

Macro Scheduler is a powerful automation tool that allows you to build routines to automate various tasks on your computer. Macro Scheduler has over 250 commands that can be used to control other applications and windows.

Macro Scheduler offers a number of different technologies that allow any process to be automated. No matter what the technology used by the application, Macro Scheduler can automate it. Macro Scheduler has been used for all kinds of processes from simple launcher scripts and keyboard macros right up to 5000+ line business process automation scripts, for tasks such as:

  • system maintenance and network administration,
  • internet data transfer,
  • report production,
  • system integration,
  • system monitoring,
  • data input, extraction and migration,
  • automated software installation,
  • automated software testing,
  • creation of standalone tools and interfaces,
  • web scraping ...
  • Any task that needs automating!

It also provides a macro recorder so that automated tasks can be created quickly and with minimal technical knowledge. These recorded macros can even be converted into editable scripts just like scripts that would normally be built by hand.

A built in scheduler also means that tasks can be configured to run at any time on a purely unattended basis. However, macros can also be assigned to hot keys, keyboard shortcuts, called from the command line, run from within other programming languages or simply run when desired from Macro Scheduler's easy to use interface.

For ease of use Macro Scheduler includes code builer wizards, syntax highlighting and code completion. For the more avanced user Macro Scheduler includes Microsoft VBScript, a dialog designer, a debugger and programmer's editor, DLL and Windows API support. See-screen image recognition technology is included as standard so that any application, running in any environment, on any operating system can be automated.

The professional version includes a compiler so that scripts can be converted to standalone EXE files and run on any PC without runtime or royalty. Enterprises can run macros on other machines on the network without the requirement for additional software; and solution providers can create tools for their clients.

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