Automating Windows for Beginners

This is the original video for the tutorial in the help file.  The tutorial and video are due an update.  In the mean time please see note below on some small changes you may need to make to the code.

We will update this tutorial and video very soon.  In the mean time here are two small changes you may need to make to the script:

1. The key send rate - sometimes sending text to the Save As box may happen too quickly.  You can slow down the key send by setting SK_DELAY (e.g. Let>SK_DELAY=20)

2. The tutorial saves the file to the c:\ drive root.  On modern systems this would not be authorized and you may therefore get an error.  Set the script to enter a full path to somewhere you have permission to write to or use the documents folder (e.g.: Send>%USERDOCUMENTS_DIR%\newfile.txt )

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