How do I copy my 'snippets' from a previous version or other install.

Snippets is a way to store often used pieces of code that you can add into your macros. You'll find Snippets in the builder pane to the left of the code editor:

You can create, edit and insert your snippets here.

Snippets are stored in your Macro Scheduler documents folder, so when you upgrade to a new version which creates a new folder, you won't see them. But you can easily copy them over.

Just copy the snippets.ini file and snippets sub folder from your old Macro Scheduler documents folder into the new one.

E.g. if you are moving them from Macro Scheduler 14 they will most likely be in "Documents\Macro Scheduler 14" and you'll want to copy them to "Documents\Macro Scheduler 15"

That's it.

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