Macro Scheduler Automates NASA Boeing 757 Systems & Helps Keep Flights on Time

Macro Scheduler is a great and easy product to use. While NASA was flying the Boeing 757 "Aries" I was responsible for the onboard network, which for obvious IT security reasons was isolated from the Internet. With a limited crew day and only an hour for pre-flight preps on the 25 aircraft research systems onboard the airplane and before our mission would commence, I relied on Macro Scheduler to simplify all my tasks and keep our flight on schedule. Before I even arrived in the morning Macro Scheduler, on my office computer, had connected to a website and downloaded and burned a CD containing the latest Anti-Virus Definitions. So when I got in to work, everything for the aircraft was ready to go to the flight line, I simply took the CD to my station on the plane and Macro scheduler updated the virus protection on every computer as the operators turned each system on during pre-flight. Since meticulous logs need to be collected I counted on Macro Scheduler to collect and archive these documents. I have used Macro scheduler to format and display reports from my research station the Digital Processing and Display System Pallet (DPDS) on the plane for Quick Look data to show our scientists after a mission. Macro Scheduler was a tool I relied on heavily at work. As I count on it at work, I also use it in my home life to collect information about my finances and investments. I am no programmer but reading the support forums I have been able to make Macro Scheduler simplify my hectic and busy schedule. It is a very robust and flawless application.

Richard Chase, Electronics Engineer,  NASA

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