How to create a Keyboard Macro

What is a Keyboard Macro?

A keyboard macro is simply a sequence of keyboard events – keyboard shorcuts and/or character text – which you can play back to have entered into the target window.

How do I Create a Keyboard Macro?

The quickest and easiest way is to simply fire up the Macro Recorder. Either tell the macro recorder which application you want to start first, or after starting the recording activate the application and then start typing.

I would normally recommend having the macro recorder start the application. That way the macro will always start the application before playing back the keyboard events and this would ensure that the macro always starts off at the same point.

Alternatively, if the window is already open when you want the macro to start, you might click on the window that needs to be active and then start typing.

For help with using the Macro Recorder see: Using the Macro Recorder

Using the Keyboard Wizard

Alternatively, if you are adding keyboard events to an existing script or you want to have more precise control over the window you can use the Keyboard Wizard in the script editor. This allows you to select the window you want to send keystrokes to and then records only your keystrokes.

The keyboard wizard is the best way to add specific chunks of keyboard macro code to an existing macro or a larger more complicated script as you are building it up. Wherever you need to send keystrokes to a window, instead of creating each line of the code manually, simply use the keyboard wizard.

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