What do people use Macro Scheduler for?

It’s always fascinating and useful to find out how other people use Macro Scheduler. As you probably know I frequently post Success Stories here on this blog. There’s also a really interesting topic on the forums, here, where people can post information about how Macro Scheduler helps them.

I’ve just scanned through the forum post and made a short list summarising some of the ways people are using Macro Scheduler:

  • Creating an Automated Ticketing System
  • Caption Competition Tool
  • Automated backups and file management
  • Anti-phishing Tool
  • Automated admin tasks and unlocking files
  • Backing up a MySQL database
  • Transferring data from Oracle to UPS Worldship
  • Automating an ERP Shipping System
  • Order email retrieval, parse and input to ERP system
  • Automation of e-commerce tasks
  • Automated report writing
  • EDI Scheduling
  • Integrating Word and Excel macros
  • Harvesting data from websites
  • Stress and load testing ERP software
  • Automated provisioning system for a telecommunications company
  • To automatically broadcast and archive daily conference calls
  • Retrieval from corporate databases and report production where no ad-hoc reporting tool exists.
  • “entering data where there are multiple steps over a number of pages & especially where the application does not have keyboard command options. I load the data into a xls, then MS will enter the data quickly & accurately.”

Read more, or post your own experiences here: Tell us how Macro Scheduler helps you, what you use it for.

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