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I used to consider Macro Scheduler just another tool to manage the technology that surrounded me everyday in my career. But at a certain point I realized that it was the best tool I had.

Many years ago a colleague introduced Macro Scheduler to me and in those days we used to supplement the Business System job streams that could not be automated inherently; nightly reports and routines, etc.

From there it evolved into complete elimination of printed reports; then through that automation we eliminated a nightly staff position from the IT team.

I then took Macro Scheduler into network engineering with me. Macro Scheduler would monitor router interfaces and call the on-staff person in the event of an outage. I also utilized it for VPN tunnel monitoring. In recent years, I’ve tied it into the clinical systems I have been working with.

There are so many possibilities with Macro Scheduler. I have read (in the forum) recently that Macro Scheduler is for the “layman” developer, but even with VBScripting you just cannot manage all your code and compile tight executables as you can with Macro Scheduler.

The other items that many people may overlook are the updates, enhancements, and fixes. Marcus and company are very commendable in this area. MJT Net also has an excellent response to support issues.

I am now a partner in my own business and I honestly believe that Macro Scheduler has had a hand in my success thus far.

Edward Authier, Chief Information Officer
Convergent Solutions, Inc.

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