Advent Capital Management Automates Financial Data Retrieval and Report Production

By Ashley Henry.

My name is Ashley Henry; I’m a Network Admin at Advent Capital Management, which is a hedge fund managing billions of dollars. We deal nationally as well as internationally. There are several reports and processes that need to run several times per day; most of which require several redundant manual inputs. There’s never enough time in the day to complete most of the tasks the various departments need to get done. The challenge was to quickly and accurately transfer and print the data from various reports and processes to our trade system and with little or no manual intervention.

I’ve been using Macro Scheduler for about four months, Prior to using Macro Scheduler we attempted to print and enter these orders manually. This was very time consuming and error prone. It also cost more man hours than necessary. Since the Traders and Operations group are often interrupted by other phone calls and tasks, they would sometimes forget which report to run or when to run them.

Before coming to Macro Scheduler my programming / macro skills were minimal. I’ve primarily worked on the networking side of things. Since I had minimal experience in programming I thought that Macro Scheduler would be difficult to use, but I was pleasantly surprised. Marcus has been extremely helpful with some of the scripts that I couldn’t figure out. I’ve made hundreds of support calls to other companies and NONE has come close to the support that I’ve received from MJT. Thus far, I’ve saved the company at least 10 man hours per week and there’s so much more automating that needs to be done… Good job to Marcus for the wonderful product that he has produced.

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