How do I buy Macro Scheduler?

To purchase Macro Scheduler please go to:

We offer various editions as well as commercial and non-commercial pricing.  We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.  Licenses are perpetual. Each new licenses comes with 12 months maintenance included. Renewing maintenance later is optional - you'll still have access to your software and can use it forever - but renewing maintenance ensures you continue to get updates and bug fixes. 

Need an Invoice?

We send PDF invoices automatically by email with every order.

Version Comparison Matrix

Any feature not mentioned can be assumed to be in all versions. Trial versions are available here.

  Enterprise Professional Standard Lite
Macro Recorder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Script Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduler Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyboard/Mouse Macro Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Window/Object Control Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
File System Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Loops, Conditionals, Branching Yes Yes Yes Yes
Script Debugger Yes Yes Yes No
Registry Functions Yes Yes Yes No
UI Functions (IAccessible) Yes Yes Yes No
Database Functions Yes Yes Yes No
Native Excel Functions Yes Yes Yes No
FTP Functions Yes Yes Yes No
Email Functions Yes Yes Yes No
Telnet Functions Yes Yes Yes No
HTTP Functions Yes Yes Yes No
AES Encryption & Hashing Yes Yes Yes No
Dialog Designer Yes Yes Yes No
Screen Image Recognition Yes Yes Yes No
Screen OCR Functions Yes Yes Yes No
Screen Text Capture Yes Yes Yes No
OnEvent Handlers Yes Yes Yes No
Embedded VBScript Yes Yes Yes No
Windows AutoLogon Yes Yes Yes No
WebRecorder Yes Yes Yes No
Script Compiler Yes Yes No No
Remote Controller Yes No No No
Workflow Designer Yes No No No
5 Client Runtimes Yes No No No

Volume Discounts

Prices quoted here are per developer. We offer the following multi-user discounts:

Quantity 2-5 6-10 11-25 26-50 51-100 More
Discount 5% 10% 25% 35% 45% Call Us

Simply change the quantity in your cart (after clicking "Add to Cart") and click "Update Cart" and the discounted price will be calculated. Note these discounts only apply for multiple icenses purchased at the same time. 

Each license includes updates for 12 months free. After the first 12 months you can renew your maintenance subscription to continue getting updates, or buy an upgrade when required. Current Maintenance Pricing

Money Back Guarantee

All licenses come with our risk free, money back guarantee


If you're not sure which version you need, don't worry, you can upgrade to a higher edition at any time.

If you're already using an old version log in to your account here to view upgrade pricing and upgrade to the latest version.


As an alternative to buying licenses up front we are now offering monthly subscriptions for Macro Scheduler Standard.

Subscriptions include the full version, maintenance, support and all future upgrades, all for one simple fixed monthly/quarterly or annual price. More info and pricing here..

Are you a Reseller?

If you are a reseller, purchasing on behalf of your customer, please follow the steps below.

1. Use your reseller email address for the purchase, not the customer's. Invoices and order confirmation emails will be sent to your email address.

2. In the "Shipping Address" section enter your customer's name and delivery address. This is where we will send the CDROM/Manual.

3. Use your reseller credit card or payment details to make the payment.

4. After the order is confirmed, contact us with the order reference number and provide your customer's email address. We will change the registered email address to the customer's email address so that they can download the software and obtain future updates. Please DO NOT forward the download instructions that you receive automatically to your customer, as your login details will contain all orders you have purchased previously for other clients.

We would like to request that we deal with only ONE reseller representative per customer transaction. This cuts down on confusion and avoids repetition. Please quote OUR order reference number on any future correspondence about the order.

Purchase Orders

Please, please, if you can, use a credit card or PayPal, but if you really, really have to do things the old way, we can, in some cases, accept official purchase orders from most organisations and government bodies. For details please go here.

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