Can I Loop or Repeat my Macro?

You have two options: 

1. Schedule the macro in Macro Properties (Run When tab) and set up a repeating schedule, e.g. repeat every 1 minute. 

2. Loop the actual script code. Open your recorded macro up in the script editor (just double click it). Then add some code, e.g.: 

//top line - right at the top
.. your code here
//bottom line

So you insert "Label>start" at the very top, and "Goto>start" at the very bottom. Hopefully the meaning of the lines themselves are obvious.

This method clearly loops forever (or until you hit Stop).

Let's say you only want to loop it 10 times. You could use a Repeat/Until loop, or While/EndWhile loop:

//put these lines at the top
  .. your code here
  //put these lines at the bottom

This will increment loop_count by one each iteration and will stop when loop_count is 10. In other words, it will repeat your code 10 times. 

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