When I visit a site in WebRecorder I am told my web browser is out of date or sites look different, why?

WebRecorder works by wrapping Internet Explorer's WebBrowser control.  It is basically just using Internet Explorer.  So you'd expect it to use the version of IE that you have on your system.

However, we recently discovered that by default the WebBrowser control is forced into IE7 standards mode by default. Since IE7 is now so old many sites won't work correctly with it and some will display a message to say it is not supported.

So even though you may have IE11 on your system WebRecorder is acting like IE7.  But we can fix this with a registry tweak!

Here's some Macro Scheduler code to set the key:

RegistryWriteKey>HKEY_CURRENT_USER,Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION,WebRecorder.exe,8000

By visiting whatbrowser.org I have verified that this now makes WebRecorder report it is the version of IE installed. However, the Microsoft MSDN docs suggest that the 8000 in the line above sets it to IE8 Standards Mode. If you have a problem try values of 9000 (IE9 Standards Mode), 10000 (IE10 Standards Mode) or 11000 for IE11.

Restart WebRecorder after running the above code.

We will add this tweak to the WebRecorder installer in the next update.

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